A la Carte Services


A process which removes excess undercoat to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. This also helps to reduce shedding after the pet goes home.

$20/15 minutes 

Brush Out

When a pet has a longer haircut, they will need to be brushed out in between baths and grooms to prevent matting and potential skin issues. Regular brushing using a proper method can also help to teach your pet that this process is relaxing and enjoyable.

$20/15 minutes


 Certain breeds may be handstripped, such as many terrier and sporting breeds. This promotes healthy skin and coat, as well as proper texture and brighter coloring.

$25/15 minutes 

Ear Cleaning

Some pets are more prone to ear infections and other health concerns involving the ear canal. Regular ear cleaning can help to prevent ear issues, keeping your pet happy and comfortable.


Nail Trim
Overgrown nails are not only unsightly, but they also cause discomfort and potential medical problems. Regular nail trimming keeps dogs and cats comfortable as they run, play, and go on walks.


 Poor dental hygiene causes a number of health issues for pets. Brushing teeth regularly helps prevent problems, as well as freshen breath.