Add-On Services


A process which removes excess undercoat to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. This also helps to reduce shedding after the pet goes home.

$15/15 minutes 

If a pet is not too severely matted, the groomer can brush out the mats that have formed in the coat. The groomer will assess the extent of matting at dropoff to determine if the mats can be brushed out safely.
$25/15 minutes


Certain breeds may be handstripped, such as many terrier and sporting breeds. This promotes healthy skin and coat, as well as proper texture and brighter coloring.

$20/15 minutes


Poor dental hygiene causes a number of health issues for pets. Brushing teeth regularly helps prevent problems, as well as freshen breath.


Flea/Tick Bath

A natural shampoo is used to eliminate any fleas and/or ticks that may be hiding in the pets coat. This add-on is mandatory for any pets that the groomer finds fleas and/or ticks on to ensure a pest free environment for all the dogs and cats in the facility.



A "clean feet, face, and tail" is for dogs, such as poodles, that get their feet, face, and tail shaved. This is for dogs receiving a deluxe bath package, but do not need a haircut all over.

$10 for dogs under 40 lb

$20 for dogs over 40 lb


This is perfect for pets who really want to turn heads! A temporary color that is designed specifically for dogs is used in the area(s) of your choice for a little extra pizazz.



Add some sparkle to any pet using bling! Anything from a straight line to a selection of patterns, the options are endless! This is an excellent choice for pets that love to be the center of attention!


Nail Polish

When a pet wants extra attention everywhere they go, some nail polish on their front nails will definitely grab the attention of passerbys!


Coming Soon!


Dogs can go for a trot on the treadmill, which can release excess energy, as well as help nervous dogs work through their anxieties. This is useful to help dogs relax and enjoy their grooming experience.

$15/15 minute

Coming Soon!

Mud Bath

This is the ultimate spa treatment for dogs. They will receive a 10-minute massage in the tub with a natural scrub designed to help detox the skin, as well as nourish and hydrate with vital nutrients and essential omega oils. 

$20 for dogs under 40 lb

$40 for dogs over 40 lb

Coming Soon!