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Policy Updates | June 2022

Due to the high demand for grooming services, Nashville Pet Salon will be enforcing the following policies beginning June 1st, 2022. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to provide the best possible service to you and your pets.

Late Arrival

Our Schedule is arranged to facilitate our grooming and bathing procedures while giving each pet the individual attention they deserve. If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call the salon and let your groomer know. We may not be able to accommodate pets that arrive 10 minutes or more past their appointment time. This may mean we are unable to provide services for the day or those services may be adjusted. Pets that arrive last may be pulled from the daily rotation and finished at the end of the day.


A $25 cancellation fee may be charged if the appointment is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. You may pay the fee at the time of cancellation, or it will be added to your next service. Starting June 1st, 2022 appointment reminders will be sent 7 days before your appointment and 24 hours before your appointment. Our appointment reminders are a courtesy and are not guaranteed as they send automatically from our system.

No call/No Show

We understand that things happen, and appointments are occasionally missed. Due to human error, we will forgive your first missed appointment. After that, a 45% non-refundable deposit will be required in order to schedule your next appointment. Due to the high demand and limited availability of our recurring schedule, missed appointments may result in the removal of any recurring appointments. Appointments will need to be made one at a time and the pet will be added to the waiting list for recurring appointments.

Recurring Appointment Requests

Starting June 15th, 2022, all clients requesting a recurring appointment will be required to fill out an application. Each groomer has a limited amount of availability and may not be able to accommodate your request. If your recurring schedule is accepted, you will be emailed a copy of your appointment schedule through the end of the year. If we are unable to schedule you, your pet will be added to the recurring appointment waiting list and you will be notified when there is availability.

Changes to Recurring Appointments

While we understand that schedules change, please be aware that we may not be able to make changes to your recurring schedule.  Single appointment adjustments may be possible as needed, but it may not be feasible to adjust the entire schedule. If you would like to adjust your schedule through the end of the current year, you will need to fill out a new application and be added to the recurring appointment waiting list. You will be notified if we are able to accommodate your requests.

Credit Card Payments

Starting June 15th, 2022, clients will be able to leave a card on file with the Front Desk to help streamline the checkout process. You will need to fill out an authorization form for payments to be made automatically.

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